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Roulette played at most Casinos Online is the European version with 1 zero. The word Roulette comes from the French word which means "small wheel". The game begins when the croupier spins the roulette wheel in a certain direction, and then spins the ball in a different direction on a circular wheel which is slightly tilted called the roulette wheel. The ball will come to a stop eventually and land on one of the thirty seven numbers on the wheel.

Roulette is based purely on luck and maths definitely plays a small part in it. Players who have a good understanding of maths and love taking chances are always the best at playing roulette. It is very important to fully understand the game of roulette and study it well before playing it to become successful in the game. This is highly important to improve your game.

There are some basic rules to follow when starting off in playing roulette and become more intense the more involved you become in the game. Roulette happens when a silver ball is spun around a spinning wheel that is found on a roulette table. The wheel will come to a stop eventually which will also stop the ball from spinning and land on a specific number. There are 37 numbers found around the Roulette wheel and depending on the number the ball lands on is the winning number or colour which will either be red or black. Bets are made on the Roulette table for your chosen number, colour, even or odd.

The number that the ball landed on has a number of properties that affect the bets that were placed on the Roulette table layout. Bets can be on whether the number would be a high or low number, or even and odd and Black or Red block. The numbers on the wheel are displayed in the exact same way all around the world and are not in order i.e. 1 - 37.

Below are the numerous bets you can make on Roulette:

Dozens (12) - Bets are made in 12 consecutive numbers which include numbers one to twelve, thirteen to twenty four and twenty five to thirty six

Splits - Place chips on the line placed in the middle of two numbers on the roulette table.

Streets - Place bet on the vertical line which separates the inner and outer betting areas.

Even Chances - Place bets on the number being Red, Black, Even or Odd.

Numbers - Place bets on the numbers on the roulette wheel being between 1 and 37.

Columns - Numbers placed in the 3 vertical columns.

Six-Lines - Strips of six numbers

Corners - Place chip on the corner of the four numbers so your bet will be for the 4 numbers in which the chip is touching slightly.


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