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Getting Started

Follow the easy steps provided to begin playing Online.

NB If you are Resident in Australia please leave our website immediately as we are Not allowed to promote
Gambling Services to Australian Residents due to the recent amendments to the Australian Interactive Gambling Act 2001

Step One: Download

Click on the "Download Casino" button on your chosen Casino to begin the download process.

Step Two: Install

Once the Download process has been finalized you then need to Install the software to be able to play the games the casino has to offer. Follow the steps to complete the installation process.

Step Three: Open Account

The next step is to open a casino account. Either open up a Real or Guest Account, its your choice. A Free or Guest account allows you to play for free to gain experience. Complete the forms provided and keep your username and password safely as you will need this to log into the casino every time you wish to play at it.

Step Four: Make Purchase

Click the Yes button to make a purchase if you have opened a real account. Select a purchase method you wish to use. Complete a form that is provided and select an amount you wish to spend. Once this is completely simply return to the casino to begin playing.

Step Five: Log on

The next time you wish to play at the chosen casino, simply click on the casino icon which will be found on your desktop. To begin playing double click on the casino. The downloading of the casino software will begin. Type in your password and username and press select to start gaming.

Step Six: Cash-in

Once you have finished playing and won some money then you need to cash in. On the Banking Menu you will find this option. Select No or Yes to verify the amount you wish to cash in. Once your cash in has been successful you will be notified of this.

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Getting Started