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There are only three possible bets in Baccarat which are the Player, the Bank or a Tie. The Bank receives 2 cards and the Player receives 2 cards as well. In some cases a 3rd card is dealt to one or both hands. The hand that totals the closest to 9 wins that hand. Cards are dealt from a 6 or 8 deck shoe and Queens, Jacks, Kings and 10s all equal 0. The Ace is a value of 1 and all remaining cards equal their face value.

It is hard to find an Online Casino that does not offer Baccarat, but it is only a number of casinos that offer good quality Baccarat. At many Online Australian Casinos you will usually find good quality Online Baccarat which is probably because Online players prefer quality gaming. Aussie Casinos now strive on making their Online Casinos have fun, quality games with extra ordinary designs and excellent rewards.

Many card games all with the name Baccarat exist. They all are based on the fact that 0 is the worst possible a player can get . In Online Casinos as in many others, you place a bet on three different possibilities. Place a bet on the Player, the Bank or a Tie. If you win on your Bank or Player hand the bet will pay out even money, and a tie will pay out eight to one. This version of online baccarat, is often called "North American" or "Punto Bunco" Online Baccarat.

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Online Baccarat Basics

The Player and Banker are dealt two cards each. The player need to decide on whether he wishes to stay with the cards he already has or receive an additional card. The dealer then needs to make the same decision. Both then check to see whose cards total the closest to the number 9. The player who gets closest is the winner.



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