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Poker | Pot Control - The Flop

Controlling the size of the pot is a fundamental skill that every poker player should aspire to learn. Pot control can take place pre flop, post flop, and during each street of play. Here is some advice when it comes to controlling the size of the pot on the flop.

It goes without saying that the method of applying pot control on the flop is to check. Each time you bet, you introduce the possibility that you could face a raise, so checking is always associated with pot control. 

By checking, you are reducing the possibility of three streets by betting down to two, hence the term pot control. 

Introducing the check on the flop is an interesting play because it will often confuse your opponent, particularly if you are an aggressive player by nature. 

Aggressive players are going to make a continuation bet the large percentage of the time, and checking will be a rare occurrence. 

When you see this in the game, it is often because players have completely missed the flop, believe their opponent will unlikely fold to a c-bet, they have hit a weak hand, or a small draw, and do not wish to be raised off the pot.

Balancing your play is of course always important. To do this, you also need to ensure that you check behind with some strong hands to trap your opponent. This balanced style of play will always leave your opponents second-guessing, which is what the game is all about.





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Last Updated 14 October 2017
Poker | Pot Control - The Flop